Proveneer is a specialised veneer manufacturer which recognizes the importance of Australian Hardwood veneers in the marketing/promotion of these timbers to architects and value added uses such as commercial fit-outs, furniture, joinery and boat building.

Proveneer sources its Australian Hardwood species from sustainably managed and regrowth forests. In all cases logging plans are controlled and approved by the relevant State Government Departments.

Australian Hardwood species, in particular the Eucalypt family, grow in contrasting conditions of floods and drought interspersed by fires. These events result in relatively low recoveries of select wood. Veneering allows this select wood as 0.6mm thin slices, to be glued to stable substrates to yield a material with all the positive features of solid timber, while maximising our best resources.

The non-select grades can still be veneered as an Australiana grade which yields natural gum vein and colourings, as well as insect attack in the form of fine pin holes. This grade is often used as a distinctive flooring product exhibiting the whole range of "nature's calling cards".

Proveneer is a member of the Timber Veneer Association which is committed to resource management and sustainability, quality assurance practices and the protection of the environment.